Level 3 - 8" x 8" Brick Paver

Level 3 - 8" x 8" Brick Paver
PATRONS offers this unique opportunity to purchase a brick paver and have your name or message made a permanent part of Bellaire Town Square. It is a wonderful way to honor someone special in your life or to give as an enduring gift. Have your name or names of family members become a lasting part of Bellaire’s local history and landscape.

The 8" x 8" Brick Paver has up to 5 lines with 14 characters per line.

The brick you purchase will be located in the interactive fountain plaza, between City Hall and the Aquatic Center. This area is dedicated to the recognition of donors to Bellaire Town Square. Paver purchases after February 22, 2012 will be installed in the second installation.
SKU 8X8Paver
Amount: $500.00
Paver Line 1 (14 characters max)
Paver Line 2 (14 characters max)
Paver Line 3 (14 characters max)
Paver Line 4 (14 characters max)
Paver Line 5 (14 characters max)